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With our unique range of integrated search engine marketing strategies combined with targeted PPC ads, we aim to make your digital business expand. We conduct deep research to drive minimum Pay Per Click for maximum conversions.

Reasons to count on us

Our strategies identify user interests and provide improved insights from successful PPC campaigns. Offering you a clear digital roadmap aligned to your business metrics to ensure improved awareness, leads and purchases.

  • Realistic and Data-driven goal
  • Constant analysis and optimisation
  • Holistic marketing budget management

There are numerous platforms that can be used by businesses to run their PPC advertisements on. It can be Google, Bing, and Facebook. Depending upon the strategy that you follow, the PPC platform you select may be unique to you

Our highly qualified PPC experts offer you the following services:

Google PPC Management

Widely used by most businesses, Google PPC is the most important as well. We will help you manage both search and display PPCs on Google.

Facebook PPC Management

We have an extensive team of professionals who can manage your Facebook PPCs with utmost value for better effectiveness.

Bing PPC Management

While Bing PP is similar to Google PPC, you need someone whom you can rely to guarantee better ROIs and lesser spends.

Remarketing Ad Management

Managing your remarketing efforts to win back prospects is an intelligent strategy. And we can be your trusted partner

Shopping Ad Management

Ecommerce businesses depend on shopping ads and with countless products to advertise, we have the best shopping ad management service.

Video Ad Management

Whether you want to run your video ads on YouTube or any other platform, our PPC management is here to help you.

Why Qimat Infotech be Considered as the best PPC Management Company in Dubai

Qimat Infotech’s Digital Marketing team oversees your company’s entire PPC Ad strategy and budget. We conduct constant competitor analysis and campaign optimization to ensure that you stay on top. Our services guarantee relevant inbound traffic after launching your custom-built Google Ad Words or Bing Ads account, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads. Our proven track record of PPC management in Dubai ensures that your website ranks well across Google and all other search engines.

The following features always help us make our services value-adding and effective for business growth of clients:

Our Proficiency and Experience in the Field

Qimat Infotech has been working in the field supporting international and domestic clients for a long time now. This has made us understand the intricacies of PPC management in Dubai and how it must be done. With profound industry insights, we can always help our clients make the right call about their PPC spend and strategies.

Impeccable quality, guaranteed

With each project that we undertake and the client that we associate with, we have a stringent quality policy running through the project. The keen eyes that we have for the quality of the services delivered is the major reason we are among the top PPC consulting firm in Dubai.

A Team of PPC Experts

We have a team of highly qualified and Google and Bing Certified experts who have profound understanding of PPC. They help us bring value to the clients managing their PPC through intelligent strategies, bid management and search optimization.

Multiple, Tailor-Made Services

Our clientele has always ranged from MNCs and large businesses to startups that wanted to grow in the business world. Therefore, in order to cater to the wide-ranging needs of small and big companies alike, we have always rendered our services tailor-made and custom. This value-adding approach has helped us become one of the most renowned PPC agency in the UAE

Affordable PPC Management

We do not want our clients to break their banks when associating with us for Pay per click campaign services. we have kept a tab on the prices of the services that we offer. Our service charges have been always affordable and it will remain so.

Excellent, Amiable Customer Support

Qimat Infotech has also taken adequate steps to support our clients throughout the deliverance of the project. In order to do that, our customer support is always ready to offer all the help the clients. Friendly and highly professional, our support team is there to help you with everything.

As we combine these elements intelligently to help our clients drive impeccable value with their PPC campaigns, our clients never leave us dissatisfied.

The big smiles that we see on the faces of our clients are really make us proud.

Our Methodology & Benefits

Every business wants to optimize their spending on PPC campaigns and bring maximum value for the investments they make. It is not about reducing the ad spent but it is about utilizing your ad budget in the most effective way possible and making every dime count.

 Our dedicated digital marketing team uncovers and identifies the right keywords for your domain and industry. We analyse each campaign and keywords used by your target audience to ensure that our PPC efforts are yielding a positive ROI.

Our strategized outlook and empowered team allow you to have a realistic plan ahead of implementation; one that aligns with your areas of expertise and the audience targeted for prime benefits and planned outcome

Get in touch with our PPC Management Service Specialists. We aim at meeting all your demands and requirements to conduct your digital marketing at a globally efficient level.

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